Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provided that all procedures and focus to adjusted to the regulations of each institution
Apologize we can’t continue the collaboration, because the required documents must be fulfilled.
We can only provide directions and accompany, but do not have the authority to provide these documents.
We only help DRIVE for all audit procedures and preparations, but for TEAM and all documents must be original from the registrant.
Apologize we are only service providers who in parallel help direct legal procedures, procedures that comply with regulations with the experience and expertise of our team. Our company does not allow participate in the management of the registrar company.
As a service in helping direct every business company so that they can run their business in accordance with the Indonesian government regulations and direct them quickly so that businesses can be run according to their respective marketing business targets.
Yes, we will adjust to the assistance needs of each registrant company. All the offers that we provide are NOT MANDATORY to be agreed upon by all, you can choose which services will be accompanied by AGS.
There is a target, we consist of many teams who will support assistance immediately and on schedule. At least 1-2 teams from AGS will be accompanied by each registrant. The completion time of each work target is adjusted to the preparation of the registration team. Although each institution has an evaluation time that has been set in the regulations, all evaluations can change sooner or later and the results depend on the supporting registrants.
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